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Is Your Body Balanced?

Our bodies are designed to naturally care for and heal themselves. Yet as we age, our bodies can become unbalanced leading to fatigue, disease, undesired weight gain, and other medical issues.  Take our body wellness quiz to see how well your body is balanced.

Age Healthier, Live Happier

As we grow older, our bodies begin to show signs of aging.  You may have entertained the thought, "This is just a part of growing old."  In some cases, that may be true.  However, in many cases there are steps we can take to help restore your body to a healthier, more natural state.  At Regeneration Health of Northern Utah, that is our goal - to help you live a healthier and happier life!

I'm Struggling With...

Our patients come to see us because they are struggling with a variety of issues in their life.  Our in-office treatments do more than just treat a specific symptom or health challenge. We help identify the root of the problem and then prescribe a treatment plan that will fix it. It really is that simple!

Our Health Services

Our staff can help diagnose and treat many issues that affect Men's and Women's Health.  We also provide anti-aging and lift services to help you look and feel younger, feel more confidence, and to be happy.  Below are some of the symptoms we can provide treatments for.

Our Vision

Our vision at Regeneration Health is to help Men and Women live healthier and more productive lives.  The greatest asset you have is your health.  However, most American adults do not take the necessary steps to care for their health.  They often dismiss any symptoms they are feeling as the "normal" affects of aging.  While it is true that our bodies change as we get older, many of the health issues can be resolved through simple, painless treatments.  Let us help you find the root cause of your health challenges and recommend natural and safe treatments to help you.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

I have just begun the process of working with Cody, I am impressed with how he treated me. My inquiry was returned promptly, wait time was minimal, and the office is really nice.

Michelle B.

Very positive experience! I enjoyed my visit with Cody and was very encouraged by my consult. I’m looking forward to much health improvement and lasting weight loss!

Heidi R.

I have loved my experience at Regeneration Health. I too have been to multiple doctors and have not had anyone be able to help me with my hormone and thyroid issues. You can tell Cody definitely cares about his patients and knows that each person has unique needs. He spends time to figure out what works for each person and explains things in detail so you understand everything. I highly recommend anyone seeking help and answers to give it a try. The whole staff is great!

Kimberly G.
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